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Citizen's Charter

This Department is committed to the strengthening of the Cooperative Movement through the economic upliftment of the rural communities and weaker sections in the State, by organizing the communities into Cooperative ventures that can function as micro-enterprises.

  • Introduction
  • Vision
  • Mission
  • Details of Business Transacted by the Department
  • Client’s Centric programmes
  • Capacity development
  • Performances
  • Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Public Grievances redress Mechanism
  • Contact Points.



The Department of Cooperation is one of the key Departments in the State. The Department is organized into 2 (two) Divisions, first tier being the Administrative Department, followed by the Directorate Level at the cutting edge. It has 2(two) attached offices and 10(ten) subordinate offices spread all over the State for purpose of Coordination, execution and implementation of Schemes in their respective jurisdictions. There are 8 (eight) State Level Cooperative Organizations under the Administrative Control of the Department and 2028 (Two thousand and twenty eight) Primary Cooperative Societies in the State as on the 15th October, 2020.

The Meghalaya Cooperative Societies Act 2015 (Act No. 11 of 2015) which came into effect from 7th October, 2015 empowers the Registrar of Cooperative Societies for the purpose of registration, supervision, control, management, conduct of statutory audit for accountability and transparency besides supporting and counsel the deserving Cooperative Societies for their over-all growth and development.

To bring the administration closer to the people most of the powers of the Registrar of Cooperative Societies have been delegated to the Assistant Registrar of Cooperative Societies at the District Level and the Sub – Registrar of Cooperative Societies at the Sub – Divisional Level supported by field officers in the rank of Senior Cooperative Officers and Junior Cooperative Officers.


Through Cooperatives, to promote sustainable and equitable development and rural prosperity through effective credit support, related services, institution development and other innovative initiatives aimed at making cooperatives the nucleus of economic regeneration in the rural areas and engines of growth in the urban areas and to make cooperative societies economically and democratically strong for professionalised services and ensure an empowered rural India.


Mission is “To strengthening the Cooperative Movement through the economic upliftment of the rural communities and weaker sections in the state, by organizing the communities into Cooperative ventures that can function as micro – enterprise”.

Details of Business Transacted by the Department:

Details of Business Transacted by the Department and strategies for business development is embedded in the Meghalaya Cooperative Societies Act, 2015 & the Meghalaya Cooperative Societies Rules (Adapted from Assam).

The main business transacted by the Department is as follows:-

  • Formulates Cooperative Policies in Cooperation and Cooperative organizations at the State Level.
  • Strengthening the Cooperative movement through State Level Cooperative Societies, eg. The Meghalaya Handloom Handicraft Cooperative Federation Ltd., the Meghalaya Cooperative Apex Bank Ltd., Meghalaya State Cooperative Marketing and Consumers‘ Federation Ltd., State Housing and Financing Cooperative Society Ltd., the Meghalaya State Cooperative Union and the Meghalaya Village Development & Promotional Tourism Cooperative Society Ltd.
  • Organization and Registration of New Cooperative Societies.
  • Statutory Audit conduct of enquiry and inspection, settlement of disputes, dissolution of disputes, recovery of sum date due and enforcement of obligation.
  • Registration and Amendment of Bye-Laws.
  • Liquidation
  • Assisting the Cooperative Societies in the shape of Share Capital Investment for business conducted and Managerial Subsidy for capacity building of staffs appointed by the Society.
  • Development of rural micro-enterprises.
  • Poverty alleviation and employment generation.
  • Rural infrastructure development.
  • Experimenting with new models and products and innovative practices in rural credit and other allied fields.
  • Thrust on Rural Awareness, Education, Training and Financial services.
  • Enhancing co-ordination with sectoral nodal departments like Agriculture, Horticulture, Sericulture, AH & Veterinary, Industries, etc for development of respective sector Cooperatives.
  • To work in close co-ordination with Integrated Basin Development and livelihood Promotion Programme (IBDLP) and Megh-LAMP.

# As per the Meghalaya Cooperative Societies Act, 2015 (Act No. 80 to 86 of 2015), the Registrar or any person empowered by him on his behalf shall have full authority to act as a Civil Court on the Business transacted by the Department and no Civil or Revenue Court shall have any jurisdiction on the above mentioned businesses of the Department.

Some of the Client’s Centric Programmes of the Department:

  • Registration of Cooperative Societies.
  • Financial Assistance and extending Managerial Subsidy to deserving Cooperative Societies.
    • State Scheme.
    • Centrally Sponsored Scheme.
  • Awareness, Education and Training, promotional activities and introduction of new technology through tie up with other developmental agencies.
  • Experimenting with new models, innovative practices for rural Socio and Economic upliftment.
  • Operation of Right to Information.
  • Documentation of Cooperative activities and ventures highlighting Cooperative product through brochures and through exhibitions and Expos at the national and international level.

Other Facilities available:

On-line Registration of Cooperative Society which can be accessed in the following website:


Capacity development:

The Cooperation Department provides training to the Junior Officers in the related field for capacity building and also provides further training as in the higher Diploma course in Cooperation and deputed Short - term training to different institutions for different courses from time to time.
The Department also organizes capacity building and training modules for Cooperative Societies by teaching them new skills and technologies.



In order to ensure that each individual and unit performs as per the standard set, the performance of each individual officer is reviewed on a monthly basis at the District Level / Sub Division and on bi-monthly basis at the Directorate Level.

Monitoring & Evaluation:


To ensure that the commitment is made and quality of services is ensured, the Registrar at the Directorate Level over sees, monitors, and evaluates the performance of every Districts and Sub Divisions from time to time.

Assistance under various plans is linked to performance indicators like growth in membership and payment of dividend.

Details of Grievances Redressal Mechanism and How to Access the System:-


  • The Department is prepared and adequately sensitized to redress grievances in a responsible and effective manner so as to address complaints arising out of the Business transacted by the Department.
  • The Department interacts directly at the Directorate Level and Subordinate offices of the Department for redressal of the complaints.
  • The Department appeals to the Stake Holders to provide full and complete information of the grievances in order to enable timely settlement of the issues involved. It continues to be the Department’s endeavour to settle grievances received from the Stake Holders as early as possible, within a specified time frame.
  • The Citizen’s Charter will be reviewed annually to further improve our responses to the public.
  • The information with regard to this Department can be accessed in our website:www.megh.gov.in