Logo of Department of Cooperation, Government of Meghalaya

Education and Training

The Meghalaya State Cooperative Union, Meghalaya Cooperative Training Institution and Manpower Development and Management Institute are the Cooperative Institutions in the State which imparts training to the officer and other Cooperative functionaries of the State.

  1. The Meghalaya State Cooperative Union since its inception in 1979 has actively engaged in propagating Cooperative ideas and Principles among the people, and carry out other education programme, though the audio, visual aids, journal, seminar and conference. The educational programme of the Union include member’s educational programme, Women education programmes and Cooperative education for youth.
  2. The Meghalaya Cooperative Training Institution has been imparted Cooperative Training to the Departmental Official and office-bearers of the Societies both in Short Term and Long Term course. It is under the control of the Department in the rank of Joint Registrar of Cooperative Societies as Principal and instructors in the rank of Sr. Cooperative Officers.
  3. The Manpower Development and Management Institute imparts training to the officials and member of Cooperative Societies.