Logo of Department of Cooperation, Government of Meghalaya

Subject Allocated

The Subjects allocated to the Department of Co-operation as per the Government of Meghalaya (Personnel and Administrative Reforms Cell)–List of Secretariat Departments of the Government of Meghalaya 1990 are as below:

  1. Scrutiny and sanction of Schemes relating to M.E.C.O.F.E.D., Meghalaya Cooperative Apex bank, Godowns Meghalaya State Cooperative Union, Meghalaya Supervision and Cadre, Management Cooperative Society, Wholesale Consumers Cooperative Store, Loan / Subsidy granted by N.C.D.C., Meghalaya State Housing financing Cooperative society, Payment of rebate as incentives top Primary Cooperative Societies.
  2. Supplementary Demands, Audit, P.A.C., Estimate Committee.
  3. Framing and amendments of Cooperative Acts, rules, regulations and Bye-laws, etc.
  4. Service rules.
  5. Appointment/Promotions/Transfer and Posting of Officers.
  6. Deputation of officers to other Departments, Societies, Corporation, etc.
  7. Fixation of Pay.
  8. Allegation/Complaints against officer.
  9. Departmental Proceedings.
  10. Sanction of Subsistence allowance.
  11. Confirmation.
  12. Recognition of Service Association.
  13. Constitution of boards, Committees, etc.
  14. Five year and Annual Plans: (a) Preparation, (b) Review, (c) Progress reports.
  15. All meetings of Committees, boards, etc.
  16. Marketing/Supply of potato, fertilizer.
  17. Government guarantees.
  18. Creation of Posts.
  19. Permanent/Annual retention of Posts.
  20. Sanction of Scheme relating to – (a) Meghalaya State Warehousing Corporation, (b) Information and Publicity, (c) Primary Handloom Weavers' Cooperative Societies, (d) Farming Cooperative Societies, (e) Primary Milk Producers Cooperative and Dairy Farming Cooperative Societies, (f) Integrated Cooperative Development project.
  21. Training of Officers and Staff.
  22. Seminar, Workshops, etc.
  23. Annual Confidential Reports of Officers.
  24. Sanction of advance from GPF fund of Officer. And Staff.
  25. Crossing of E/B by officers.
  26. Purchase and repairs of vehicles.
  27. Installation of telephones.
  28. Sanction of Schemes relating to (a) Labour Contract of Construction Cooperative Societies, (b) Fisheries Cooperative Societies, (c) Primary/Sub-area Marketing Cooperative Societies, (d) Thrift and mutual Benefit Cooperative Societies, (e) Primary Housing Cooperative Societies, (f) Urban Cooperative Banks (g) Group Insurance Scheme, (h) financial Assistance to Transport Co-operatives Societies.
  29. Parliament questions.
  30. Leave of Secretariat Staff.
  31. Matters relating to Scheduled Caste and Schedule Tribes.
  32. Governor's Address and Finance Minister's Budget speech.
  33. Administrative reports.
  34. Purchase and repairs of Typewriters, duplicators and other equipments.
  35. General Circulars from other Departments.
  36. Tour programmes, Tour Notes/Inspection reports, etc.
  37. Sanction of Schemes relating to – (a) Industrial Cooperative Societies, (b) Garo Hills Cooperative Cotton Ginning and Oil Mill, (c) Border Area Development Programmes, (d) Meghalaya Apex handloom Weavers and Handicraft Cooperative Federation.
  38. Diary Works

The Administrative Department at Secretariat level normally confines itself to general policy direction, legislation, Assembly business; inter Departmental matters and review and assessment of execution of policies and schemes. The day to day execution, routine administration and implementation of schemes is done by the Head of the Department who is the Registrar of Co-operative Societies.

Besides the above, the function of the Registrar of Cooperative Societies can be enumerated as below :

  1. Organisation and Registration of Cooperative Societies.
  2. Supervision of Cooperative Societies.
  3. Statutory Audit of Cooperative Societies.
  4. Granting of financial assistance to Cooperative Societies in the shape of Loan component, Share Capital Contribution and Subsidy.
  5. Inquiry and Inspection.
  6. Settlement of Disputes.
  7. Dissolution of Disputes.
  8. Recovery of sum due and enforcement of obligations
  9. Sanction and release of Financial Assistance to Cooperative Societies.
  10. Liquidation of Cooperative Societies
  11. Regulate the activities and function of State Level and Primary Cooperative Societies.
  12. Cause Inquiry and Inspection under Section 60 and Section 61 of the Meghalaya Cooperative societies Act (Assam Act I as adapted by Meghalaya).
  13. General Direction and Administration of Cooperative Sector schemes, subordinate offices, officers and staff such as :
    • Appointment of Junior Cooperative Officer, L.D.A., Typist and Grade four employees.
    • Control and Supervision of all the District Offices, and Sub-Divisional Offices.
    • Monitoring and reviewing the Implementation of State Plan Scheme, Non-Plan Centrally Sponsored Schemes and Central Sector Scheme of all the State Level and Primary Cooperative Societies in the State
    • Transfer and Posting of Senior / Junior Cooperative Officers.
    • Confirmation of Senior / Junior Cooperative Officers Ministerial Staff and Grade four Employees.
    • Sanction of T. A. Bills, Medical Bills, Advances of Gazetted Officers, Senior/Junior Cooperative Officers, Ministerial Staff and Grade IV employees.
    • Sanctioned of Leave to Senior / Junior Cooperative Officer, Ministerial staff and Grade four employees.
    • Sanctioned of House Rent, Contingency Bills, Advertisement, Publicity and any other Offices Expenses.

Registrar of Co-operative Societies is also declared as a separate Public Authority for the purpose of the Right to information Act.